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Featured Crochet Pattern — Mabel Lang’s Motif

Mabel Lang was a friend of my mother. As a child, I was always fascinated by her rapidly moving fingers and the beautiful crocheted lace that seemed to appear magically from her hook. Her favorite motif was a square lace motif with a rose in the center. Using this motif with fabric, Mabel created beautiful dresser scarves, pillow cases and tablecloths. I am fortunate to still have several of her handmade items. Over the years, I have searched various hobby stores, fabric stores and bookstores for crochet patterns and I have not found a match to Mabel’s motif.

I am concerned that this beautiful motif design will disappear without a record or a trace. Since this design is so beautiful and versatile, it would be a great tragedy if this happened. For this reason, I have carefully re-created Mabel’s motif and written the instructions for crocheting it. It is my hope that other crocheters will enjoy this pattern and pass it on, so that is never lost!

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