Where I write about knitting, crocheting and lace, and, on occasion general comments on other topics


Lindy’s Knits and Laces is a personal website dedicated to sharing information about two of my favorite home crafts: crocheting and hand knitting.

I enjoy creating lace items in both crochet and knitting. You might say my passion is lace knitting, but then there are socks, and scarves, and baby items …

I first created this website in 1998 as part of learning to do web design through a couple of online design courses. The original website was on the web until 2004. I took the site down when my husband and I moved into a new home and switched internet providers. My files sat waiting on disks while I went through several transitions to new computer hardware and my preoccupation with getting our new home set up.

I purchased a domain, and relaunched the website in 2007. As with all things web related, web site design continued to evolve and capabilities have really expanded. So, I set up a blog and spent several months learning all about blogging. I decided to redesign my website using WordPress as my CMS. The design in 2007 was also a learning project in that I created my own WordPress template using PHP and CSS. You are now viewing my website powered by WordPress.

It’s now 2018 and time to do another redesign of this website. I have not been actively blogging, so my focus for this redesign will be on the other elements of this site first. I will be trying out a free WordPress theme that I can customize — so I expect that things will be evolving as I work on the customization. After I redo the front page, I will work on updating the References page — many of the links on this page are no longer active. Please check back periodically to see the changes.

Are you on Ravelry? You can find me there! I’m LindyBeir.

I hope you find the information on this site informative and helpful.