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Diaster in Haiti

Written by: Lindy

I’m sure everyone has watched the tv coverage of the earthquake in Haiti with horror and a sense of “what can I do” to help. Like many, it seems the best action that I can take is to donate to one or more of the humanitarian organizations who are already speeding their way into Haiti to help.

There are so many organizations out there — and it becomes a challenge to know which ones are the best ones to support. After listening to the coverage today — two organizations struck me as: 1) already in place and, 2) focused on some of the most critical needs of the people in Haiti. Those two organizations are Doctors without Borders and the Salvation Army. These two organizations also tend to receive less donations than the Red Cross. Doctors without Borders are already working to serve the severely overwhelming need for medical care in Haiti and the Salvation Army is working to set up shelters and feed people in need.

So — I’ve gone online and donated to both Doctors without Borders and the Salvation Army. I know many others will also be donating to the organizations of their choice today. If you have not yet decided what organization will receive your donations — please check these two worthy organizations out. I’ve included links to their sites below.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

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