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I’m a Grandma!

Written by: Lindy

January 29, 2010

There are very few things sweeter than the birth of your first grandchild. Yesterday was filled with anticipation and much waiting. Then finally, Evan Patrick was born at 7:03 PM. He weighed in at 7 pounds, 7 1/2 ounces and is 19 inches long. He has dark curly hair and a very strong cry. 🙂

New Mom and Dad are doing very well. It was a joy to watch them as new parents. I am simply bursting with pride at the way my son holds and handles his son. My DH and I both got a chance to hold the little guy last night and get acquainted.

I’m off to knit him a little hat to wear home.

Time Out for a Turtle

Written by: Lindy

January 25, 2010

Introducing my version of Sheldon the Turtle:

This project was not on my list — but I couldn’t resist!

This toy turtle knits up fairly quickly and makes a very soft, cuddly toy that is about 8 inches long and about 5 inches high. I used the yarn called for in the pattern — Knit Picks Shine Sport, but I changed one of the colors. The original colors are “Grass” and “Green Apple” — the “Green Apple” is the main color. Well, I used “Harbour” for the main color and then used “Green Apple” for the contrasting color. These are the colors my DIL is using for the baby’s room, along with a turtle theme. So now my grandson has a snuggly soft turtle to match. (BTW – he’s scheduled to arrive this Thursday!)

I really like the Knit Picks Shine Sport yarn. It’s a blend of 60% cotton and 40% Modal and it is really soft. I just loved the way it knit up. Shine also comes in a worsted weight yarn — and I’ve ordered some for a couple of other toys I have in my “someday” queue. (I know — the stash grows…)

Yesterday at the knit meetup, I learned that Knit Picks has several patterns for costumes for Sheldon. Since the body and the shell are separate pieces — it’s really easy to change Sheldon’s shell for another outfit… who knew? The patterns are free. There’s also a Sheldon group on Ravelry. Links listed below:

Sheldon Pattern — Knitty.com
Knit Picks Sheldon Patterns
Sheldon! Ravelry Group

Troubles with Tension

Written by: Lindy

January 22, 2010

The first three swatches for the Master Knitter Level I require you to knit 2 X 2 ribbing, 1 X 1 Ribbing, garter stitch, stockinette stitch and seed stitch. As I have been knitting the first two swatches for the Master Knitter Level I, I have discovered that my tension is not what I thought it was: I thought I knit fairly evenly– but as I looked at the examples from TKGA — I began to realize that my knitting tension is not the same when I knit as when I purl. This seems to be a common issue among those who are working on the Level I Master Knitter swatches.

I have tried several different things to correct this problem — but so far I am still not knitting as evenly as I want. I have discovered that my knitting is less even with bamboo needles than with metal needles. I have also determined that it is very important to tighten up my tension at the end of a row — especially on the last stitch, so that I get more even stitches on the edges of the swatch. However — I have yet to achieve the even stitches for ribbing that I’d like to have.

Did you know that tension in ribbing — that it is, tension differences between knit and purl stitches — can really make a difference in the way your ribbing appears? I’d never given this much thought — but it really does effect how the ribs in the ribbing are formed. I have read (very recently) that this more of a problem for English knitters than for Continental knitters — but that it happens with both styles. The problem is often due to the excess yarn used in forming the purl stitch. The next time you are switching between knit and purl stitches — pay attention to how you wrap the yarn for the purl stitch — you actually do use slightly more yarn when doing a purl.

I am still seeking solutions for my tension problems — I’ll post about how I resolve this.

Master Knitter – Level I

Written by: Lindy

January 18, 2010

I have always wanted to tackle the Master Level Knitting certifications through The Knitting Guild Association. Until this year, I have always talked myself out of doing so, because I thought the time commitment would be too much – given everything else in my busy life.

There is a knitter in my local guild that has completed the Master Knitter Level 1 and is working on Master Knitter Level 2. She was generous enough to share her project binder and talk with me about the process. So, this year – I took the plunge! I signed up for Master Knitter, Level 1 and have received my instructions. It requires knitting 16 different swatches of various knitting techniques and stitches, answering 17 questions, completing 1 knitted project and writing a 2-page report on the care of knitwear. I have a year to complete and I think I will be able to get it done. Knowing that I have someone locally to ask questions is a big plus.

I knitted my first swatch last Sunday evening. It took a little longer than I anticipated because I did some extra swatching to find the right size needle for the yarn I will be using for all my swatches. One down, 15 to go – my goal is to do one swatch per week, and answer the questions that pertain to that swatch. Wish me luck.

WIP: Baby Romper for New Grandson

Written by: Lindy

January 17, 2010

My first grandson is due January 30. I have already knit a couple of items for this coming grandchild – but I want to knit a romper and matching cardigan for him as well. I’ve posted about the swatches for the cardigan, but not about the romper.


I am about 50% done with the romper. I am using Baby Ull (Dale of Norway) in a navy blue colorway. The legs were knit using size US 0 (2.00 mm) needles and then once joined together for the hip section, knit using US 1 (2.50 mm) needles. Tiny needles, lots of stitches. The pattern is #203 from Dale of Norway.

I doubt I will get this done before the baby arrives – but since I am knitting the 12 months size, it shouldn’t matter if I finish it after he comes home from the hospital.

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Diaster in Haiti

Written by: Lindy

January 14, 2010

I’m sure everyone has watched the tv coverage of the earthquake in Haiti with horror and a sense of “what can I do” to help. Like many, it seems the best action that I can take is to donate to one or more of the humanitarian organizations who are already speeding their way into Haiti to help.

There are so many organizations out there — and it becomes a challenge to know which ones are the best ones to support. After listening to the coverage today — two organizations struck me as: 1) already in place and, 2) focused on some of the most critical needs of the people in Haiti. Those two organizations are Doctors without Borders and the Salvation Army. These two organizations also tend to receive less donations than the Red Cross. Doctors without Borders are already working to serve the severely overwhelming need for medical care in Haiti and the Salvation Army is working to set up shelters and feed people in need.

So — I’ve gone online and donated to both Doctors without Borders and the Salvation Army. I know many others will also be donating to the organizations of their choice today. If you have not yet decided what organization will receive your donations — please check these two worthy organizations out. I’ve included links to their sites below.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

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Update on Progress with SFS Team-Knit Socks

Written by: Lindy

January 12, 2010

SFS_TK_Heels1I knitted the heel and had about half of the gussets done on these socks when I decided that I did NOT like the way the picked up stitches for the gussets looked. They weren’t tight enough and appeared to have small holes along the picked up edge. Frustrating, VERY frustrating – especially since these socks must be knit to very high standards. I don’t know if the problem is the way I picked up the stitches – or if I pulled the yarn too tight. I have found that the Regia Stretch yarn used for these socks can be overstretched – it is a very stretchy yarn.

I put the socks in “time out” over the Christmas holidays – just too stressful to deal with them given all the other demands of the season. Last week, I pulled them out, put in lifelines at the instep and the end of the heel turn and then frogged them back to the point where I need to pick up the gusset stitches. 🙁

I plan to tackle the picking up of the gusset stitches this week, paying special attention to how the stitches form as they are picked up…and trying to avoid overstretching the yarn…I will let you know how it goes.

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