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Time Out from Knitting – Sewing Project

Written by: Lindy

A few weeks ago, I took my MIL to the quilting store nearby so that she could buy some material for a baby quilt for the new grandchild expected in January. While she was selecting her fabric, I discovered a fabric printed with brightly colored shoes all over it. It was next to a tote bag that was on display along with its pattern.

Since my DD has a major thing for shoes – I decided that it would be fun to make up this tote bag using that shoe print fabric. I purchased the necessary fabric and took a copy of the free pattern. Last week, I worked on the tote bag project and took a time out from knitting.

I actually made three tote bags. I picked up some other fabrics at Wal-Mart, so that I could do a prototype before I actually used the more expensive shoe print fabric. It was a good thing I did so – because my first tote bag was HUGH – much larger than I had envisioned – the tote has a 12” by 12” bottom and is actually larger than those reusable bags you can buy at the local grocery store.HughTote2

Erins_Tote1So, I revised the pattern and made it smaller. Hence, I did another prototype before I finally made the tote with the shoe print fabric.

Betsys_Tote1 I am happy with the final results and now have a tote bag for my DIL as well as my DD.

One Response to “Time Out from Knitting – Sewing Project”

  1. Amanda says:

    Those are cute bags! I have thought about busting out the sweing machine and making a few smaller bags with zippers for projects or knitting notions. I might do that when the days get shorter and it is less appealing to be outside.