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Secret of the Stole II: Hint 6 Completed 3/13/08

Written by: Lindy

I finished hint 6 last Thursday but haven’t had time to post the pictures.
The stole is now two-thirds completed and is about 40 inches long.

The pattern continues with the lovely motifs that are repeating as we knit.

I have hint 7 nearly completed and I hope to finish it this evening.
I will post Friday.

Since hints 8 & 9 are now out, it’s clear that I am behind and will not
complete this KAL on the timeframe. I should, however, have it done and blocked in time to give it to the bride for her wedding day.

One Response to “Secret of the Stole II: Hint 6 Completed 3/13/08”

  1. Nautical Knitter says:

    What a beautiful gift for the bride! Great job!