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Happy Leap Day! Hint 5 now done.

Written by: Lindy

I finished hint 5 of the SoSii stole this morning. What a beautiful pattern this is turning out to be! Just love the design and the way the stole drapes.

I have slowed down on my knitting due to too many things to do and not enough time to knit. So while hint 7 was posted this morning, I will be starting hint 6 sometime later tonight (I hope…)

As our son’s wedding draws closer, I find that I have more things to do related to the wedding and less time to just sit and knit. But, I need to stay with this project as it is intended to be a gift for the bride to wear on her wedding day.

One Response to “Happy Leap Day! Hint 5 now done.”

  1. Nautical Knitter says:

    Your stole is turning out just beautiful! The bride will be so proud. Take your time and create that gorgeous lacy keepsake for her in your time frame. By the way, our son is also tying the knot this August. Need to make something for the bride to be as well….

    Fair Winds, DK