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SoS ii Hint 2 done (in cashmere)

Written by: Lindy

I finished knitting hint 2 in the cashmere yarn last evening. Waited until this morning to take pics. The cashmere version is knitting up very nicely. It’s very soft and drapes well. I think it shows the stitch definition nicely as well.

This is a lovely pattern so far — it is developing into an intriguing design. Hint 2 took longer to knit this week. This was in part because I was busy with family things most of the weekend and really didn’t get down to knitting until Sunday.
Started working the hint up in the superfine merino — but only got about 10 rows done last night and haven’t started knitting yet this evening. Hint 3 arrives tomorrow — so I’m going to be behind on version 2.

One Response to “SoS ii Hint 2 done (in cashmere)”

  1. Gammy aka Peggy says:

    Wow, that is so beautiful. Really,really pretty. I had hoped to work on mine during the Super Bowl but the lighting wasn’t all that great and too uch activity.