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Secret of the Stole II: Hint 1 – A Tale of Two Yarns

Written by: Lindy

The first hint for the Secret of the Stole II came out last Friday. I finished the hint twice. Yes — twice.

I had decided to use the cashmere yarn for this stole — and then I tried to cast on using the long tail cast on recommended by DK. Much to my surprise and dismay — the yarn broke each time I attempted to cast on — I did finally cast on using a knit on cast on method. After the rough start, the cashmere yarn knit up fine and I like the result. But I am a little concerned about this yarn’s stability and strength. Hence, the second version of hint 1 in the superfine merino.

Casting on with the merino yarn using the long tail cast on was uneventful — no breaks. Now, this is what I am used to with yarns — even fine yarns. So, I am now doing this KAL in two yarns — and then I’ll decide which one I like better.

I’d appreciate hearing from others with more experience knitting cashmere yarn. What has been your experience?

3 Responses to “Secret of the Stole II: Hint 1 – A Tale of Two Yarns”

  1. Gammy aka Peggy says:

    I’ve never knitted with cashmere. Both are gorgeous though.

  2. Ani says:

    Beautiful – how brave doing two at once.
    I have only bought pure cashmere once for a pair of luxury socks, the seller advised me to use the yarn double as it would be tooo weak.

    Maybe you should consider doubling it up? ( if you have enough)

  3. Amanda says:

    I used that exact yarn to knit a swallowtail shawl in January- I had no problems with it breaking unless I pulled really hard on it. I does knit up beautifully and after it was blocked it was breathtaking! I wet blocked the shawl and had no problems there either. The shawl was a gift, so I have no idea how it is holding up.
    I’m a little jealous I think your cashmere version is going to be divine!