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Secret of the Stole II Swatches

Written by: Lindy

Happy New Year!

I have finished two swatches for the Secret of the Stole II KAL — which begins January 18.

I am trying to decide which yarn to use for this KAL. I may be giving this stole to my future DIL for her wedding in April. Both yarns are lovely and knit up well in the swatches.

The first yarn is Sarah’s Yarns 100% Monogolian cashmere 2 ply. It has a really soft feel to it and I’m sure it would be warm. The color is natural white.

The second yarn is JaggerSpun Superfine merino wool 2/18. It is not as soft and is less fuzzy than the cashmere. The color is vanilla, so it is a bit darker in color as well. It appears to be a little lacy-er than the cashmere in the swatch.
Opinions anyone?

9 Responses to “Secret of the Stole II Swatches”

  1. Nautical Knitter says:

    I think I like the cashmere. But they are so close in the photos it is a toss up. What do you like?

    PS, Welcome to the Secret of the Stole II!

  2. Gammy aka Peggy says:

    I like the cashmere. The other may end up being too fuzzy for you, although it is beautiful.

  3. Girl Meets Needle says:

    I have to say that honestly, I like the cashmere better, (that could be my secret lust for nothing BUT cashmere talking though). The color’s nicer, and it just looks softer and smooshier than the Jagger, like it would have a better drape to it.

    Either way though, they both look super-yummy!

  4. hunnybunny says:

    Those are lovely. I have to jump on the cashmere bandwagon, but only because it looks like something I would love to touch. Which one do you prefer the feel of? I would go with that.

  5. AnneH says:

    I like the cashmere. I think the stitch definition is better.

  6. SYLVIE says:

    The cashmere for me too!

  7. Debidee says:

    Did you wash the swatches? That’s where the real difference willl show, especially if the cashmere came off a cone. I wash my swatches well, let them dry and then really manhandle them to see how they will bloom, halo and spring back after wearing. Sometimes it is surprising how much the yarn can change.

  8. tapmouse says:

    I personally like the cashmere one better than the Jaeger. I agree you should wash them before your final decision. I’m half way through my swatch and haven’t had time to sit and complete it!

  9. Tabitha says:

    There is not really a lot of difference in the look so I would go with the cashmere because it will feel so nice to knit. Beautiful knitting by the way.