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Secret of the Stole – Hint 6 finished

Written by: Lindy

Finished hint 6 a little behind schedule. This was a busy week with lots of activities and I didn’t have as much time to knit as I have the last 5 weeks. So — I stayed up later last night to finish the last few rows. Then I started making mistakes and decided to get up early this morning to finish rather than keep messing things up due to fatigue.

Got up at 5:00 AM and tinked back about half a row on the last pattern row. I think I fixed the problem — but I may have added my own personal “design element” in doing so.

The stole is turning out beautifully. Since it now too long to get a good picture of — I am now just taking shots of the newest section.
Here’s the latest picture:

One Response to “Secret of the Stole – Hint 6 finished”

  1. stitchin' girl says:

    Very nice stole!! Congratulations on finishing clue 6 pretty much on time :o)