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Secret of the Stole – Hint 5 Now Done

Written by: Lindy

Finished hint 5 of the Secret of the Stole this morning. It is now 42 inches long, and would probably be even longer if stretched it when blocking.

This picture doesn’t show the detail as well as I would like, so I may try to take another shot of the stole tomorrow morning — maybe a close up of just the hint 5 section…

This stole is turning out to be very lightweight, but very warm and I love the ever changing pattern. Hint 6 is released tomorrow!

4 Responses to “Secret of the Stole – Hint 5 Now Done”

  1. Gammy aka Peggy says:

    Very nice!!!! I’m looking forward to clue 6 and yes, it is going to be very warm and very cozy.

  2. Nautical Knitter says:

    Looks like you are ready for the next hint… Great Job!

  3. SYLVIE says:

    Looks really nice! I have about 10 rows left to do on clue #5.

  4. stitchin' girl says:

    Your stole is really beautiful! I am not yet done with clue 1, but I look at yours and it is an inspiration to get working on mine!