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Hint 3 Finished!

Written by: Lindy

I finished hint 3 of the Secret of the Stole KAL. This is turning into a lovely piece of lace fabric. Knitting hint 3 was much more fun and went much faster now that I am using my new Addi Lace needles.
I also took a little tutorial from Nautical Knitter’s blog on how to take pictures of your knitting. So once I figured out how to turn off the flash on my digital camera — I got a really nice picture of the stole that shows the beads! Cool! If you are interested in this tutorial go to http://www.nauticalknitter.com/.
Pictures of the stole through Hint 3 are below. I need to go start knitting on Hint 4 — it came out this morning and I’m itching to get started….

2 Responses to “Hint 3 Finished!”

  1. Nautical Knitter says:


    That is a great photo of the beaded section. It is so hard to get a good photo of beads in knitting. Your stole looks wonderful. Hint #4 is a breeze so you will be finished in no time!

  2. Lindy Beir says:

    Thanks, DK. I’m getting better with the pictures as I experiment. Appreciate the helpful hints.