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Secret of the Stole KAL

Written by: Lindy

I am participating in the Secret of the Stole KAL. This is my first experience doing a Knit A Long. Joined this on a whim and I am really enjoying myself.

I decided to use the KAL as a way of motivating me to get past a mental block I had about using laceweight yarn and using it to knit lace. My very first attempt to knit this very fine yarn was frustrating and I finally gave up the attempt and chose to use another “friendlier” yarn for the lace shawl project I wanted to do for my sister. This shawl is now done except for weaving in the ends and doing the blocking — so I will post a picture of it when it’s done drying. It turned out well…BUT that laceweight yarn I had purchased for the project originally just sat in my stash waiting for me to try again.

So, I started the KAL with a committment to make that ball of laceweight yarn into a lace stole. It took me three attempts to cast on and get started before I got a feel for knitting the yarn. I was successful in completing the first hint on time. Then I started on Hint 2 last Friday — I found myself “tinking” several times during the evening. Fortunately, I was able to knit back and correct the errors each time before I’d gone too far along — but anytime you are doing that the knitting is neither fun nor relaxing. So, Saturday I splurged on Addi Lace circular needles at my LYS and switched from my Addi Turbos to the lace needles. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The points are sharper — which makes the decreases so much easier. And the needles have more grip on them — so no more slipping off of stitches inadvertantly.

Lesson learned from this? Your needles do make a difference — so if you are having trouble knitting something, ask yourself if a different type of needle might be worth a try.

The stole is a design of the KAL owner and it is knitting up into a lovely lace pattern. It has another first for me in that the pattern includes adding beads as you knit. The beads don’t really show up well in the pictures I have, but they are really good looking as part of the overall design.

Here are pictures of my stole so far:

Hint 1: Using Skacel Merino Laceweight Yarn,

US Size 3 Addi Turbo Needles and Ivory beads, size 8.

Hint 2:

Hint 3 came out this morning, so I need to start knitting. I’ll add pictures as I finish each hint.

One Response to “Secret of the Stole KAL”

  1. Nautical Knitter says:

    Oh my goodness, I am so glad you didn’t give up on the stole. It looks wonderful!!