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Better Pictures of Hint 4

Written by: Lindy

October 30, 2007

I just learned that you get much better pictures of your knitting if you use daylight rather than artificial lighting at night.

Here are two pictures of my Secret of the Stole KAL through hint 4. You can see the beads and the lovely lace patterning that is beginning to emerge.

Now to wait until this coming Friday for the next hint…..

Hint 4 Is Done

Written by: Lindy

October 29, 2007

Finished hint 4 this evening. This section went fairly quickly. It was a repetitive series of staggered yarnovers. I’ll try to take a picture in the morning — the daylight pictures show the details much clearer.
The Nautical Knitter gave us instructions on how to shorten or lengthen the stole in this hint. When you finish this hint, you are halfway done. My stole now measures approximately 17.5 inches by 32 inches. It would be a little longer if it was stretched and blocked, so I decided to stay with this length.

Hint 3 Finished!

Written by: Lindy

October 27, 2007

I finished hint 3 of the Secret of the Stole KAL. This is turning into a lovely piece of lace fabric. Knitting hint 3 was much more fun and went much faster now that I am using my new Addi Lace needles.
I also took a little tutorial from Nautical Knitter’s blog on how to take pictures of your knitting. So once I figured out how to turn off the flash on my digital camera — I got a really nice picture of the stole that shows the beads! Cool! If you are interested in this tutorial go to http://www.nauticalknitter.com/.
Pictures of the stole through Hint 3 are below. I need to go start knitting on Hint 4 — it came out this morning and I’m itching to get started….

Secret of the Stole KAL

Written by: Lindy

October 20, 2007

I am participating in the Secret of the Stole KAL. This is my first experience doing a Knit A Long. Joined this on a whim and I am really enjoying myself.

I decided to use the KAL as a way of motivating me to get past a mental block I had about using laceweight yarn and using it to knit lace. My very first attempt to knit this very fine yarn was frustrating and I finally gave up the attempt and chose to use another “friendlier” yarn for the lace shawl project I wanted to do for my sister. This shawl is now done except for weaving in the ends and doing the blocking — so I will post a picture of it when it’s done drying. It turned out well…BUT that laceweight yarn I had purchased for the project originally just sat in my stash waiting for me to try again.

So, I started the KAL with a committment to make that ball of laceweight yarn into a lace stole. It took me three attempts to cast on and get started before I got a feel for knitting the yarn. I was successful in completing the first hint on time. Then I started on Hint 2 last Friday — I found myself “tinking” several times during the evening. Fortunately, I was able to knit back and correct the errors each time before I’d gone too far along — but anytime you are doing that the knitting is neither fun nor relaxing. So, Saturday I splurged on Addi Lace circular needles at my LYS and switched from my Addi Turbos to the lace needles. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The points are sharper — which makes the decreases so much easier. And the needles have more grip on them — so no more slipping off of stitches inadvertantly.

Lesson learned from this? Your needles do make a difference — so if you are having trouble knitting something, ask yourself if a different type of needle might be worth a try.

The stole is a design of the KAL owner and it is knitting up into a lovely lace pattern. It has another first for me in that the pattern includes adding beads as you knit. The beads don’t really show up well in the pictures I have, but they are really good looking as part of the overall design.

Here are pictures of my stole so far:

Hint 1: Using Skacel Merino Laceweight Yarn,

US Size 3 Addi Turbo Needles and Ivory beads, size 8.

Hint 2:

Hint 3 came out this morning, so I need to start knitting. I’ll add pictures as I finish each hint.

First Post

Written by: Lindy

October 13, 2007

Just set up this blog. I am new to blogging. I have read about blogs, read blogs — but never blogged myself. Decided it was time to give this a try.

I plan to use this blog to recreate the website I had several years ago. The website was “Lindy’s Knits and Laces” and I took it down because we bought a new house and in the process of moving from one house to the other — we changed internet providers. I just never seemed to have time to work through setting the website up with the new provider. So while I have wanted to re-establish the website, I didn’t get to it and about 3 years have past since I took it down. In the meantime — blogs came into being and with the typical speed of internet innovations — really took hold.

As I thought about re-establishing my website, I began to realize that I needed to look into this “blog” thing. It seems that this is a “must” if you want to be connected through the web. So — I have now made my preliminary move into the blogosphere.

I’d appreciate constructive feedback as I work on getting this blog established.

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